The ILA’s Vision of Idaho Libraries

Libraries exist for the public good. They promote reading and literacy, contribute to higher productivity of individuals and of society, and are a basic element of a democratic society.

In our vision of the future, a library is a dynamic entity with the mission of connecting people with the information they want or need. Local, state, and federal governments share the responsibility for funding library services, thereby contributing to a more responsible citizenry and a better quality of life for the individual. Because of broad-based government support, libraries are gateways to sources of information beyond their walls, and their resources are readily shared across jurisdictional boundaries.

The ideal library is based on a high degree of local responsibility, support, and self sufficiency. Each library defines its own roles based on dynamic community and clientele needs within an increasingly complex and diverse society. The librarian and governing body fulfill their ethical and legal responsibilities to provide educated staff who promote and facilitate the search for information and to ensure that the user has optimal access to diverse ideas, viewpoints, and expressions.

In all parts of our vast and diverse state, Idaho’s citizens rely upon their libraries to further their education, to enhance their skills in the workplace, to fully function in today’s global society, and to enrich and enjoy their daily lives.

Adopted by the Idaho Library Association
October 2, 1992 Membership Meeting
ILA 82nd Annual Conference


Our Goals

  1. Advocate and promote Idaho’s Libraries
  2. Promote intellectual freedom for all Idaho residents
  3. Provide opportunities for continuing education and communication of information for ILA members, and the Idaho library community
  4. Support and encourage collective activities to improve library leadership, services, and resources
  5. Encourage and maintain a vital and active organization and membership

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