Welcome to the Idaho Trustee Challenge!

The Idaho Library Association's Trustee Section is challenging public library boards throughout Idaho to contact their state legislators three times before the start of the new session in January 2019:

  • Write letters of introduction- describe your library's services and programs

  • Invite your legislators to a library event, show them what you're doing, give them a tour

  • Host an open house or a legislative coffee, send an end of the year summary of library programs and services or send a few of the library stories you've collected


We hope you’ll join library trustees throughout Idaho to meet this challenge and practice the important work of proactive advocacy for your library.

Proactive advocacy happens when the library board works to lay the groundwork for positive support among lawmakers. We can easily do this by writing letters of introduction, inviting legislators to library events and offering to be a resource when legislators need information on library-related issues.

A good foundation of proactive advocacy helps support our cause when we need to practice reactive advocacy by asking our legislators to support or reject legislation that affects libraries. State Librarian Ann Joslin has a few tips on advocacy here.


We have a more information on Getting Started with the Idaho Trustee Challenge, Your Library Message, Nuts and Bolts, and Advocacy Resources.


Please leave us a comment to let us know you're planning to take the Challenge!


Thank you,

Rosemary Yocum

ILA Trustee Section Co-Chair

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