Sharing Making - Mountain Home Public Library

Sharing Making - Mountain Home Public Library

Thank you, Shasta Bolduc, Programs & Services Coordinator at Mountain Home Public Library, for participating in the Sharing Making series!  A series of posts organized by the Idaho Library Association Maker Committee that share stories of making across the state. Learn what other libraries are offering, how they got their start, and other tips and tricks! Want to share your own story of making? Awesome! Here’s a Q&A form to get the conversation started.

How long has your library been offering making opportunities?
1.5 years

Does your library provide informal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?Usually once a week we do stealth programming , and leave items out to tinker with like Legos, straws & connectors, makey makey, edison robots. 

Does your library provide formal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?Once a month we offer a class introduction to Tinkercad and give them a free print from what they create in class. We invite 10 people at a time for each class where we walk them through the process of creating a robot bookmark.  We have them make a head, body & legs using squares and rectangles afterwards teaching how to create holes for the eyes ending with the option of adding their own little edits to their creation.  We then save their creations which we later print out for them on our 3D printers.  We do not charge for this class including the 3D print but we let them know that anything else they’d like printed will cost .05 per gram to make.  We’ve been doing these classes once of month since winter and almost all classes have been full and participants come away wanting to learn more.

The first picture is our latest Tinkercad class after we had just purchased some Chromebooks to utilize for programming.  This was a great addition to have for the class.  Our Geared up Center had a projector so they could see what Kurt was doing while they made changes to their designs on the Chromebooks.  I was able to walk around and see all their screens and know who was having trouble and needed my help and who was right on track. 


How did your "space" start?
Make it training with the Commission, getting some free 3D printers 

Who participates in making at your library?
Mostly kids, but we've had senior citizens and teens participate 

How do you market your making opportunities?
Facebook, fliers, newspaper, website 

How do you fund them?
Library budget, Idaho Library Commission for Libraries, Friends of the Library 

What’s one maker related website you find useful or inspiring?
Instructables because they give you step by step instructions so you can leave supplies out for patrons to utilize anytime 

Do you have a program idea you’d be willing to share? Links to resources?

During our Day of the Child celebration where we brought out Kapla Blocks, Straws & Connectors and Tangrams to do free play with, and in the Geared Up Center of the library we connected the Makey Makey sets to some laptops and let kids play Scratch games and Makey Makey activities.  We make it a point to show them how we can all connect together to create a circuit by touching fingers and they always smile after it works. 



Our STEAM Activities take place during the school year on Tuesday afternoons.  The challenges we have posed are to see if attendees could build a structure using spaghetti and marshmallows that would hold up a toy car. Another time the challenge was to see if they could build a bridge using Kapla blocks that could bear the weight of 5 books. 

What sorts of tools and supplies do you have for making?

Which of those are the most popular?

What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other libraries looking to offer making opportunities?

Kids want visual examples of everything (3D prints, coloring, Legos, Circuits).


Thank you Shasta!
ILA Maker Committee Co-chairs, Deana & Jeff


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