Sharing Making - McCall Public Library

Sharing Making - McCall Public Library

Thank you, Casey Bruck, Librarian at McCall Public Library, for participating in this series of posts organized by the Idaho Library Association Maker Committee that share stories of making across the state. Learn what other libraries are offering, how they got their start, and other tips and tricks! Want to share your own story of making? Awesome! Here’s a Q&A form to get the conversation started.

How long has your library been offering making opportunities?
1 year

Does your library provide informal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?Stealth programs pop up in the library from time to time, they are informal and unadvertised. These pop-ups usually coincide with a larger themed week ie- Teen Read Week.  

Does your library provide formal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?Yes, we have a monthly makerspace event 

How did your "space" start?
It started with inspiration and desire, the space is shared so we still have to set it up and take it down every time. We share the space with all the other programs, activities, and meetings. It was my idea, and I was inspired by the Make It Program put on by ICFL. I started with low-tech makerspace programs, paper airplanes, perler beads, egg drops, marble mazes etc. Then I started throwing in more advanced programs such as wind turbines, makey makeys, toy mods, edison lego battlebots, and some 3D printing.    

Who participates in making at your library?
The public

How do you market your making opportunities?
Newspaper, email list, newsletter, website, social media, paper flyers

I generated my email list by having a voluntary sign up sheet at every program. I always get the same core group coming back this way.

How do you fund them?
Programs budget, and help from ICFL (make-it)

What’s one maker related website you find useful or inspiring?

Instructables has a great daily email

Do you have a program idea you’d be willing to share? Links to resources?
Sure,Once we got Legos (all freely donated by various members of the community) we were able to offer more engineering types of programs, and the allure of a giant mound of legos really brought the kids to the table! Lego bridge building, Escape from trash canyon, and lego ziplines were some of the favorites.  

Deconstruction jewelry is also a lot of fun, and the kids just love taking apart old tech to make something! Partnering with the high school and the local thrift store brought us a huge pile of old VCRS, printers, laptops, keyboards etc. for us deconstruct.  This is also a great opportunity to teach kids how to use tools, hot glue gun, and soldering irons. ( We just did this again today for SRP, and have some photos to share)   

 IMG952394.jpg  IMG952397.jpg  IMG952398.jpg 

What sorts of tools and supplies do you have for making?

Which of those are the 3 most popular?

  • 3D Printing/ design - 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D design software/ apps

  • Legos

  • Hand tools - like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches

What’s one thing you’ve learned in getting a makerspace up and going?

Do it! Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't take a big city budget. The exploration, tools, and learning through failure are truly the best lessons learned. Plus these are things that students don’t get a lot of exposure to in our schools.

Thank you Casey!
ILA Maker Committee Co-chairs, Deana & Jeff

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