Sharing Making - Idaho Falls Public Library

Sharing Making - Idaho Falls Public Library

Thank you, Liza Evans, Adult and Teen Programming Specialist at Idaho Falls Public Library, for participating in the Sharing Making series!  A series of posts organized by the Idaho Library Association Maker Committee that share stories of making across the state. Learn what other libraries are offering, how they got their start, and other tips and tricks! Want to share your own story of making? Awesome! Here’s a Q&A form to get the conversation started.

How long has your library been offering making opportunities?
6 years.

Does your library provide informal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?No

Does your library provide formal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?Yes, in the past it's been 5 programs throughout summer reading. We have held them in the Young Adult area, with sign-ups and a few drop in teens. The first 4 years it was very much a crafty kind of program; paint, sewing, altering t-shirts, etc. Last year we had some deconstruction going on, and then used what they found in a craft project. This year we're going to have 10 programs, one every week of summer reading, and they will range from sewing & painting to deconstruction & building.

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How did your "space" start?
Jenniffer Hentzen, our adult and teen librarian, started the bi-weekly Crafternoon program five years ago.  We made Sharpie t-shirts, decorated picture frames, made felt flowers, and book purses that first year.  We have followed that model for the last 4 years, and we have changed things a little this year. 

Who participates in making at your library?
Teens primarily. 

How do you market your making opportunities?
Flyers with their summer reading materials, posters, samples at the summer reading table, our website, Facebook page, and Instagram. 

How do you fund them?
We have it built into our budget.

What’s one (or two) maker related website(s) you find useful or inspiring?
Really, no joke, I don’t have any specific websites or blogs that I follow.  Ideas usually come from seeing what other people are doing, sometimes things pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, and I do spend way more time on Pinterest looking at ideas than I probably should. 

Do you have a program idea you’d be willing to share? Links to resources?
I'm excited for the Ugly Dolls we're going to make this year. We have different sewing techniques for the teens to use, as well as lots of different materials they can use.  We have a book in the Library that I found while shelving, and it had a lot of crafts made from canvas and using spray paint. They had a voodoo doll kind of thing in there, I googled for some more ideas, and found a wealth of ideas. Like this one,

What sorts of tools and supplies do you have for making?

  • Sewing

  • Paper crafts - like scrapbooking, origami, zine making

  • Legos

  • Hand tools - like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches

  • Building activities - like Straws and Connectors, Keva planks, Magnetiles

  • Drawing/ coloring

 Which of those are the  most popular?

  • Paper crafts - like scrapbooking, origami, zine making

What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other libraries looking to offer making opportunities?
Find out what the teens want. We did a survey last year and have used that to create this year's program.


Thank you Liza!
ILA Maker Committee Co-chairs, Deana & Jeff

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