Sharing Making - East Bonner County Library District

Sharing Making - East Bonner County Library District

Thank you, Morgan Gariepy , Young Adult Services Librarian at East Bonner County Library District, for participating in the Sharing Making series!  A series of posts organized by the Idaho Library Association Maker Committee that share stories of making across the state. Learn what other libraries are offering, how they got their start, and other tips and tricks! Want to share your own story of making? Awesome! Here’s a Q&A form to get the conversation started.

Group of children test tinfoil solar ovens outside on benches  

How long has your library been offering making opportunities?
4 years

Does your library provide informal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?We provide our Make It program for children each week. It includes a variety of activities, such as electronics, robotics, circuitry, fiber arts, and other STEAM projects.

Does your library provide formal opportunities that involve making? If so, how often, and what do they look like?
We provide a monthly 3D printing workshop for adults and teens (and occasionally kids). It is hands-on learning using TinkerCAD, with a live demonstration of the printer.

We also participate in the NASA and MIT program Zero Robotics. This is a five-week intensive coding competition with middle schoolers.

Two children reading instructions and building robots.

How did your "space" start?
Our space started as - and still largely is - a weekly pop-up program in our meeting rooms. This came about when we joined the Make It at Your Library program through ICfL three and a half years ago. Children get to try out a number of making activities at the weekly program. It’s informal and self-paced.

We also offer a monthly 3D printing workshop for beginners. This is open to adults and teens.

Who participates in making at your library?
Children and adults

How do you market your making opportunities?
All of our events are posted on our events calendar, in local media, on our Facebook page, and on fliers in the library.

Child wearing cone hat and yarn beard

How do you fund them?
They are funded through our programming budgets, with many of the larger, more expensive tools coming from ICfL, Idaho STEM Action Center, and IMLS as part of the Make It program. I also received the PK12 Innovative STEM Grant from the Idaho STEM Action Center, which was used to support my Teen Tech Week program.

What maker related websites do you find useful or inspiring?

Frugal Fun for Boys

Do you have a program idea you’d be willing to share? Links to resources?
Yes, in my Google Drive. Contact me for access,

What sorts of tools and supplies do you have for making?

  • 3D Printing/ design - 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D design software/ apps

  • Microcontrollers/ computers - like MakeyMakey, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino

  • Sewing

  • Paper crafts - like scrapbooking, origami, zine making

  • Soldering

  • Legos

  • Robots

  • Circuitry based activities - like Snap Circuits or Circuit Blocks


Which of those are the 3 most popular?

  • 3D Printing/ design - 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D design software/ apps

  • Robots

  • Legos

What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other libraries looking to offer making opportunities?
It doesn't have to be high tech or high cost. Even cardboard boxes and scissors count.


Thank you Morgan!

ILA Maker Committee Co-chairs, Deana & Jeff


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