minutes 1-19-17

minutes 1-19-17

January 19, 2017

Meeting Minutes–2:00 mountain time. 1:00 pm pacific

1 hour meeting

Present were:   Amy Vecchione, ILa President; Kristi Haman, past president,  Trisha Mick, Treasurer; Beverly Richmond, Secretary;  Molly Montgomery, Shirley Bilideau, Erin Downey, Beth Hendrix, Becky Proctor, Jessica Bowman, Ben Hunter, Marina Rose and Jennifer Henzten.

Call to order:  Amy called the meeting to order at 1:02 pm

 Approval of Agenda–No additions or corrections

 Approval of December 6, 2016 meeting minutes–Trisha moved that the December 6, 2016 meeting minutes be approved. Erin seconded. Motion passed.

 New Business:

 Budget–Trisha reported that everything looks good as far as the budget is concerned. Total income to date is $71,800.00 with expenditures to be approximately $62,687.00. Trisha asked that anyone that has not been reimbursed for expenses contact her.

 Conference updates–Marina Rose gave an update about the 2017 conference in Garden City in October. She stated that at the last meeting the logo was decided and the theme which is  “Community Built Libraries”.  There has been a call for proposals but not that many people have responded. Deadline for submission is April 14, 2017. Topics for the conference  are needed and you can email them to John Hill at jhill@mld.org.

 Conference update–2018–Ben Hunter discussed the pros and cons of the two possible venues with the committee. The two possible venues are University of Idaho  and the University Inn. Discussion followed.  Erin moved that the group go with University of Idaho because it had more advantages. Motion passed.

 Lobby day–Amy reported that she was able to negotiate a new three year contract with John Watts from Veritias to continue to work with Libraries. Amy will order the books needed for Lobby Day which is February 7, 2017. Trisha will take care of payment. Amy reported that  John Watts has an intern working with him by the name of Brittany who is working on learning everything. Amy encouraged anyone who is able to attend the meetings on February 7, 2017. They will be scheduled mostly in the afternoon for convenience sake.

 Organizational membership software– Erin reported that  she was researching  Customer Relationship Manager software.  Erin stated she had researched a number of different types and the prices range from $70.00-110.00 a month. Some of the ones she is researching are Neon CRM and Wild Apricot. This item will be put on the February 6, 2017 agenda.

Old Business:

 Membership:  Becky reported that memberships are holding steady. Becky stated that the use of PayPal  and writing a check are members only two options to pay for membership at this time.  Trisha asked  why Cheri was still listed. Erin is working on this.


Engage–Audra has put out a call for help with Engage. Jessica and Amy stated that they could be of assistance.


Menu–Amy and Beverly stated that menu selection for the February 6 meeting need to be sent to Beverly. Kristi asked if there was going to be coffee and breakfast provided as well. Amy stated that it would.


Adjourn:  Erin moved that the meeting be adjourned at 3:03 pm. Trisha seconded. Motion passed.

Amy thanked everyone for all of their hard work and commitment to ILA to make this meeting happen in the wake of so much weather and other obstacles.

NEXT MEETING—-February 6  at Boise Public–9am-4 pm

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