Bette Ammon

An Idaho library yoyo (in Pocatello, then Missoula MT, then back to Idaho in Coeur d’Alene), I’ve been a librarian for nigh on 30 years. Grammie to 3 year old Max and mom to two wonderful offspring (one a teacher, the other an improv actor), I’m pretty lucky. Starting out as a children’s library assistant, I moved on to becoming a young adult librarian in Pocatello and then in Missoula. Circumstances moved me to assistant director, then library director – a surprise most of all to me! Hired to build a new building in Coeur d’Alene in 2005, I’m lucky to work in such a glorious and busy place. We joined our local consortium (Cooperative Information Network) in 2007 and are happy to offer patrons access to over 600,000 items. Patrons are happy too!

Shirley Bilaeau

Continuing Education Consultant for the Idaho Commission for Libraries since 2008. Gained MLS from Texas Woman’s University in 2007. Working with folks in the Idaho library community is a pleasure and a treat – I learn so much from all of you every day!Leaders should be willing to work harder than those who are technically “under” them while they advocate for them. A group is only as strong as its weakest link so by propping everyone up, a leader moves the group to higher highs.

Charissa Brammer

I am the electronic resources librarian at the Idaho State University. I was most recently a library assistant at the library while I earned my MLIS, which I have had since the middle of 2015. My primary interests are electronic resources, library instruction, user experience, and design. My interests are always evolving, but they tend to stay focused on giving patrons the best possible access to the best possible information and making sure that the online library experience is as simple, seamless, and beautiful as it can be. I believe that libraries should be fun – research should have an element of fun in it, after all, or what are we all here for?

Skye Corey

After graduating with her MLIS from the University of Western Ontario in 2014, Skye headed out to the land of famous potatoes to start her career as a Youth Services Librarian at the Meridian Library District. Here, she has had the wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by staff that push and inspire her, and who allow her to pursue her passions in the areas of outreach, advocacy, collection development, readers’ advisory, programming, and professional development. She can’t wait to learn from leaders across the state of Idaho, as we work together to create a better future all through libraries.

Erin Downey

Erin Downey is the Consulting Librarian for the Boise School District, where she provides support and resources for library staff in 44 schools, serving 26,000 students. She is a Lilead Fellow, a Discovery Education Network STAR Educator, and an active leader in the Idaho Library Association and American Association of School Libraries. When she’s not librarianing, you can find her hiking, rafting, or skiing, depending on the weather. Follow her on twitter @ehdowney.

Jonne Hower

Jonne is actively working to help create a vital and sustainable community in Valley County. She serves on the Cascade City Library Board of Trustees, Valley County Economic Development Council, and the Cascade Chamber of Commerce. She is active with Cascade Cultural Arts Center and Horizons’ Lifestyle and Education team, Cascade Mobility Team, the Cascade Community Review, and the Cascade Medical Center Auxiliary. In 2014, she founded the Float Your Boat program at the Southern Valley County Recreation District which connects youth, public service, and river gear.

Jonne retired from a 30+ year career serving in Federal natural resource management. Most recently she completed assignments in the Commissioner of Reclamation’s office and the Western States Water Council, Western Governors’ Association.

A native Idahoan, she was the first woman to earn a BS in Range Management from the Univ. of Idaho. Her MA in Communications was awarded by the Univ. of Portland.

Christine Hoxie

I am a Library Assistant at the Victory Branch of Ada Community Library in Boise and I hold that title proudly! I love working with the community towards the mutual goal of achievement of lifelong literacy. I am continuously learning something new every day and that is what life is about! I have been graciously accepted into the LiLAC committee and I will serve as the co-chair for SWILA 2017. Most thankfully, I work with and am empowered and inspired by Mary DeWalt, Kristi Haman and Monika Pomper (among several others) which I owe all of my gratitude for all of my new experiences! I have partaken in several outreach projects and each one has been so rewarding! The library is a vessel that is priceless in every essence of the word and no matter where you’re at…you can lead the change!

Trisha Mick

I work as a public services assistant manager at Meridian Library District. I started out working as a page in 2008 and have slowly worked my way up. I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s in Business and IT Management through Western Governor’s University, and will continue on to get my Master’s in Library and Information Science. My favorite part of my day is when I get to see that light bulb go off when I’m showing my patrons or staff something new. Every single person I work with and talk to each and every day are unique, and have their own voice and opinions about what the future of libraries look like and I think the most important job for leaders is to bring out those voices and opinions of those they work with.

Stephanie Milne-Lane

I work for the Boise City Department of Arts & History as the City Archivist. Currently, I am a student in the MLIS online program at the University of Washington. I hold a Master’s in Applied Historical Research from Boise State University and a Bachelor’s degree in History from Eastern
Washington University. For four and a half years I worked as a project manager and researcher at a historical consulting firm, whose diverse projects required research at multiple branches of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the Huntington Library, the Bancroft
Library, and the New York Public Library.

Kathleen Pressler-Hall

When my husband and I moved to Blackfoot 30 years ago, one of the first buildings we searched out was the library, and from story hour through college term papers, have been involved ever since! A lifelong reader, I am serving my second five year term as an elected trustee for the Blackfoot Rural Library District and have served as vice chair and chair for the combined board of trustees.

I am retired but still “working” after a lengthy career in the criminal justice and nonprofit sectors. I am president elect of the Idaho State-Civic Symphony Board of Directors, a member of Camerata Singers, and a cantor for my church. I guess you could say music and reading are my passions!

Rick Stoddart

As a librarian, I possess a scholarly interest of where librarianship, communication, and education/learning intersect. My research is focused on how library services, collections, and outreach can best enhance and support learning and community interaction. As Head of User & Research Services at the University of Idaho, I provide leadership on how our library meets the learning mission of our university through its instruction, reference, and public service programs.

Amy Vecchione

I am currently serving as the President of the Idaho Library Association. As a librarian and associate professor at Albertsons Library, Boise State University, I connect users with information and technology needs, follow user experience principles to guide web design, develop innovative library services, and lead teams to accomplish strategic goals.

Debbie Worthington

I was born in Boise, Idaho. My parents were teachers and I was raised with two loves–music and reading. I always wanted to teach and I attended university after high school meaning to do so. Before I graduated, I met my husband and our life took another path. He joined the Air Force, and we moved wherever the Air Force sent us. I finished my bachelor’s degree while we lived in England intending to teach, and even got so far as to student teach. However, while there, I started working in libraries and fell completely in love with the work and the mission. I started in a school library, and when we moved to Germany, was hired in another school library. A few years later I ended up in the base (military) library, in charge of programming. It was then, while immersed in preschool story times and summer reading programs, that I realized I was teaching! Informally, yes, but I was influencing children to love reading and literacy. That’s when I decided to pursue a Masters in Library Science at Emporia State University. It worked out very well, as my husband’s final Air Force assignment was at Cheyenne Mountain, which is in Colorado Springs. I worked at the Air Force Academy Base library while going to school. After graduation, I was hired as the Library Director at Mountain Home Air Force Base library! I love my job (it’s a passion) and it’s so great to be home in Idaho, where we belong. I look forward to being active in the Idaho library profession for a very long time!

Tifani Young

I have been in public education for almost twenty-five years, but have only worked as a public school librarian for the last two. I hold a master’s degree in English Education from Missouri State University and received my librarian endorsement from the University of Idaho. I have been married for twenty-five years and have two children: McKenna, a senior at Boise State University; and Hunter, a senior at Lakeland High School in Rathdrum, Idaho. My hobbies include reading, crafting, cooking and running. My take on leadership is that leaders need to be someone who people want to follow or they aren’t a leader.

Vanessa Velez

Libraries are my happy place. After working in a beautiful, 4+million volume academic library in college, I took a break from school until a couple of years ago, when I decided to go for my MLIS through UW’s online program while working full time at the Sandpoint branch of the East Bonner County Library. Last year, I completed my MLIS degree, and this year marks my 10th at the library. I have worked as a page, desk attendant, and IT assistant, and currently I do cataloging, manage and develop the non-fiction and database collections, and supervise the technical services department. I am passionate about developing leadership at all levels.

Past Members

Rami Attebury, Past President, ILA, University of Idaho

Becky Proctor, Past President, ILA, Boise School District

Marj Hooper, Associate State Librarian, Idaho Commission for Libraries

Tracy Bicknell-Holmes, Dean, Boise State University Albertsons Library

Jean Mattimoe, University of Idaho Law Library

Molly Montgomery, Idaho State University Medical Library at Meridian

Jamie Bair, Marshall Public Library

LeAnn Gelskey, Director, Hailey Public Library

Nick Grove, Manager, unbound, Meridian Library District

Kevin Booe, Director, Boise Public Library

Mary Dewalt, Director, Ada Community

Annah Hackett, University of Idaho Library

Kristi Haman, Past President, ILA, Manager, Ada Community Library Victory Branch

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