ILA Launches New Maker Committee

ILA Launches New Maker Committee

The Idaho Library Association is pleased to announce the founding of a new Maker Committee. The purpose behind this committee is to discuss best practices throughout Idaho libraries about active learning, making, and entrepreneurial activities with Idaho’s citizens. Makerspaces and maker programming can be found in more than 40 libraries across the state of Idaho – public, school, and academic. Maker activities help teach Idaho’s citizens about digital skills to help them make all kinds of things, including apps, 3D printed objects, machine sewn items, web pages, and podcasts.

Committee Co Chairs Jeff Stratter and Deana Brown will lead the state’s maker organization starting with a monthly Maker Chat taking place on Twitter.

The first Twitter chat was on “Makers & Makerspaces”. An introduction to those getting familiar with their spaces by delving into the philosophy of why we create them in the first place. The first Wednesday of every month from 7PM-8PM MST a new topic will be discussed to better help Idaho Makers further develop their own inspiring image of what making is to them. Through collaboration on social media like Twitter we can form new relationships and stronger networks in which questions can be answered, curiosity discovered, tools and ideas shared, as well as encouragement passed on to better serve the local communities we serve.

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