Idaho Library Association State of the Chapter Report 2012-Current (link to document)

Idaho Library Association 1915-1988

The Idaho State Library Association was organized on December 29, 1915, at a meeting called by Margaret Roberts, librarian of the Free Traveling Library Commission of Idaho. The meeting was held in the Boise High School and was timed to coincide with the State Teachers Association meeting. About a dozen librarians attended the meeting and elected Gretchen L. Smith of Idaho Technical Institute in Pocatello as their first president. The first constitution stated the object of the association was “to promote the library interests of the state of Idaho.”

In 1962 the association changed its name to the Idaho Library Association and on September 23, 1969 became an incorporated organization.

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Idaho Library Association: Organizational History, Scope and Content, Arrangement and Description, ILA Presidents, Conference Locations, Series List & Inventory

History of Idaho Libraries

Julia Stringfellow. “How Did We Get Here? A Brief Look at the History of Idaho Libraries” Idaho Library Association Conference (2012)
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Arthur Hart. “Idaho Women Led the Way in Creating Libraries” Idaho Statesman (February 6, 2016)

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