Getting Started with the Basics

The Idaho Trustee Challenge asks you to contact your legislators three times before the start of the legislative session. Before you start writing your letters, do a little homework to learn about your legislators.


  • Making a personal connection when possible is a great way to open a conversation. Did you graduate from the same school or grow up in the same town? Do you share a profession or have grandkids, too?


  • Any connections you can make between legislators’ interests or committee assignments and library services and programs may help them to engage with the library and your mission. Is your legislator a member of the Education Committee? Does he or she know your children's programming provides critical early education to preschoolers?


  • Letting your legislators know that you are willing and able to be a source of information on library-related issues is an important part of proactive advocacy. Your legislators need to hear the facts from those who are familiar with an issue.


Most legislators offer biographical information on their background, education, profession, family and interests on the Idaho Legislature's website.

Find your Idaho Legislators by name, zip code, district at the legislature's webpage 

*Note your legislator’s home address to use when the legislature is not in session.


Tip: If you want to subscribe to a legislator’s newsletter, look them up through the House or Senate leadership or membership rosters rather than through a name, district or zip code search. In the roster, you will find an alphabetical listing of legislators and a link to ‘subscribe to newsletter’ for each legislator.


More information about your legislators including biographical information and voting records can be found at VoteSmart

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