Day at the Capitol!

Day at the Capitol!

Yesterday, several Idaho Library Association board members went to the Capital on behalf of all Idaho librarians. We met with both senators and representatives, Democrats and Republicans, to lobby for support of Idaho’s libraries, librarians, and services. It was a day full of meetings, information sharing, and some librarian shenanigans!


      ILA Vice President, Erin Downey with Senator Keough and Representative Bell                                            Jessica and House Minority Leader Erpelding        


We talked about the importance of transferring the Talking Book Service back to state controlled funds. It is currently funded by federal grants. This will ensure its continuity despite vulnerable IMLS funding. We talked with Congress about creating standards for Idaho’s school librarians, both in job classification and in pay. We asked for funding for broadband as well as passing a resolution to honor Boundary County as America’s Best Small Library. The Boundary County Library was given this award by Library Journal and the Idaho Library Association asked that the legislature honor them in Congress.


                                                             ILA members on the Congressional Floor


If you have ever wondered what the Idaho Library Association does, aside from throw a yearly conference, this is part of it. We ensure that members of Congress think about libraries in matters of funding and priorities. We meet with them to discuss literacy, education, and access for all Idahoans. Your membership helps enact real results for Idaho’s many libraries. If you would like to get involved; become a member, run for a board position, or join one of our committees! Our association is made of librarians just like you!




A special thank you to the Congresspeople we were able to meet with yesterday. These included Speaker Bedke, President Pro Tempore Hill, Senator Winder, Representative Moyle, Senator Stennett, Representative Erpelding, Senator Keough, Representative Bell, Senator Mortimer and Representative VanOrden. 

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