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Ada County Victory Branch

At Ada County Victory Branch Library in Ada County for Build a Better World Summer Reading theme we made an international pillar near our Nonfiction world books.  We highlighted activities and recipes from countries from around the world along with pictures on a screen from the country.  We had many patrons enjoyed making crafts from around the world and taking recipes home to make.  After the summer reading was over we have kept the international pillar up. 

We keep a country up for one week at a time. Just one way we are expanding our world.

A shout out from the Academic & Special Libraries Division!

Did you know that members of the Academic & Special Libraries Division make up about 40 percent of the overall ILA membership (100 out of 250 ILA members)? These members play a very important role in supporting ILA’s mission and efforts. During the 2017 Division meeting, the 26 attendees talked about efforts to recruit new members, ways to continue all the great networking that occurs during conferences during the rest of the year (stay tuned for more sharing via the ILA Blog), and shared cool things that are going on in our libraries. We are especially grateful for the efforts of Molly Montgomery, ACRL Idaho Chair, for all the work she’s put into increasing communication among academic librarians, including a great Academic Unconference held last summer.

If you have questions about what the Division has planned or want to get more involved, please contact current Chair Stephanie Bailey-White any time!



ILA Meeting Minutes 10 04 2017


October 4, Meeting Minutes

Pending Approval


 Call to Order:  Amy called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm. Present were Amy Vechionne, Board Chair; Erin Downey, Vice Chair,  Beverly Richmond, Secretary;  Ann Joslin, State Librarian; Jessica Bowman, Jane Clapp, Treasurer; John Thill, Katie Lovan, Stephanie Bailey- White; Ben Hunter; Molly Montgomery; Marina Rose, Lacey Welt; Beverly McKay, Jeannie Standal; Beth Hendrix, Beth Swenson, Jennifer Hinzen, Keirsten Kerr, Rosemary Yocum , Julie Hatcher, Tiffani Young and guests Emily Sitz from Idaho Commission for Libraries and John Watts from Veritas. Absent was Kristi Haman.


Approval of meeting minutes of July 27, 2017.  Erin moved that the meeting minutes of July 27, 2017. Katie seconded and motion passed.


  • Active business: transition to a new board --Am y welcomed all the new members and the returning board members to the meeting. Both Amy and Erin Downey discussed how to use Nation Builder which is the ILA website.


  • Determine legislative and board priorities--John Thill discussed the two resolutions that needed board approval  The first resolution is the talking book Services and the request was for $357,000. This resolution would move the Talking Book Service (TBS) from federal funding back to state funds, where it was funded prior to FY2010.

The second resolution is the Broadband Reimbursement for Public Libraries--(EOR). This request is for an additional $45,000.00 to increase the boardband reimbursement funding for Idaho Public Libraries  through the Education opportunity Act (EOR).  This represents a 25% increase to $180,000.00 amount currently available to reimburse the non-E-rate portion of public libraries' internet service.  John Thill moved that both of these resolutions be approved. Julie Hatcher seconded. Motion passed. Ann Joslin  abstained.


  • Report out on how legislative visits went --John Watts stated that he was not sure how Legislative visits went. He did discuss internet filtering and a mandate of internet filtering on all computers at libraries.


  • Call for budget requests --Jane Clapp stated there are no official numbers as yet. She reminded everyone that  budget requests are now due and to include the following.
    • Include travel to and from 2018 conference in Moscow for award winners
    • VP include regional conferences + project income

Jane also discussed the need for how we count membership and the need to change it.  Jane provided her email address to send the budget request to, it is janeclapp.ila@gmail.com.


  • Conference report -- Lacey stated that the conference will be full of great programs and presenters, everything is in place for a very successful conference. Lacey wanted to thank the conference board for all their hard work. They include Megan Ekbert, Marina Rose, Shirley Bilideau, Kevin Tomlison and Ellie Efferson.


  • Website onboarding-- Both Amy and Erin Downey discussed how to use Nation Builder which is the ILA website.


  • ILA Mission and Vision Update- Amy stated that the ILA Mission and Vision statement need to be reworked and that there will be a new vision statement and mission statement in the future to review.


  • 501c3 --Amy discussed the need to become a 501 (c) 3  and this discussion will be continued at the meeting in February.


  • LSTA--Stephanie discussed LSTA funds being used for E-Books for all libraries  with the support of school programs.


  • Resolution from Shawn Keogh --John Watts discussed that a possible resolution be made to honor  Boundary County for being the best Small and Rural Library in the Nation. This honor will be made during National Library Week in April. Stephanie Bailey White moved to adopt this resolution. Beverly Richmond seconded. Motion passed.


  • Public Development-- John Thill discussed  access to professional development  and the need for better salaries across the state. The library infrastructure is one of lifelong learning, it is used by job seekers, for economic development , research, recreation and other activities. Jessica, Tiffani, Keirsten, and John to provide ordering to ILA for support of this.  It will be an action item/agenda item at the next meeting.


Adjournment--Jane Clapp moved that the meeting be adjourned at 6:30 pm. Larry Blackburn seconded. Motion passed.


Amy wished everyone a wonderful conference and thanked everyone for their continued dedication to ILA and libraries.

Award-winning Author to Speak in Rexburg

Award-winning Author Carla Kelly to Speak at the Madison Library District

Award-winning author Carla Kelly will speak at 7:00 PM on Friday, October 20, in the Madison Library District’s Community Room which is located at 73 N. Center St. in Rexburg.

Carla, a veteran of the New York and international publishing world, is best known for her Regency Romances, historical novels rich with manners and wit. She focuses on stories of “normal people” many of them hard-working member of the Royal Navy and Marines. Kelly’s interest in the Regency Era is fueled largely by her scholarly interest in the Napoleonic wars. The daughter of a naval officer, she credits her own upbringing with some of this interest. Carla’s other major historical interest is the U.S. Indian Wars.

She began her writing career with short stories about the people who live in army garrisons through the American West. She wrote these stories as a direct result of working as a ranger in the National Park Service at Fort Laramie National Historic site. She has gone back a century further to write a series about a brand inspector and his wife in 18th century New Mexico. Other novels set in the West are forthcoming along with more Regencies.

Recently, Carla has been writing novels exploring her Mormon background, in particular the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Each novel centers around historical events in the Mormon experience, from life on a Wyoming ranch, to Utah coal mines, to the Mormon exodus from Mexico.

Kelly has done some non-fiction work, too, editing the fur trade journal of Swiss painter Rudolf F. Kurz, and writing a history of Fort Buford (North Dakota), the site of Sitting Bull’s 1881 surrender to U.S. Army forces; but historical fiction remains Carla’s first interest. In addition to her wry humor, she is noted for the accuracy of her historical research principally because she is a historian, and it matters that the details be correct.

Along with Carla’s presentation, Eryri will perform tunes featured in her novel My Loving Vigil Keeping. They will also play a short set of related Welsh music beginning at 6:40 prior to her presentation.

This library event is also an outreach activity for the Malad Welsh Festival and is free to the public. The Madison Library District is located at 73 N. Center St. in Rexburg. For more information regarding the library and its programs, visit their website at www.madisonlib.org or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Madisonlib.org/ or give them a call at 208-356-3461 during business hours which are M-TH 9-8, F 10-6, and ST 10-4.


A little side-note for library folk on the eastern side of the state - 

I'm pretty sure both Carla and Eryri would be happy to repeat this event in other libraries. Not saying she wouldn't be willing to go west or north, but there would be potentially costly travel involved.

ILA 2017 Conference Evaluation

Did you attend the ILA 2017 Conference at the Riverside in Boise?

Let us know how your experience was! 

You can find the link to the conference evaluation here.

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ILA Statement in Support of Commission FY2019 Requests



Garden City, Idaho

RESOLUTION in support of the Commission for Libraries FY2019 budget request:


WHEREAS the Idaho Commission for Libraries serves as a catalyst for development of all libraries in Idaho; and


WHEREAS the Idaho Commission for Libraries empowers all Idaho citizens to learn digital tools and improve their lives; and


WHEREAS the Idaho Commission for Libraries’ budget provides critical services for Idahoans with visual impairments and helps build the capacity of libraries to better serve their communities and affects the quality of library services throughout the State; and


WHEREAS the FY2019 budget request includes:

  • $357,500 to return the Talking Book Service (TBS) to state funds


WHEREAS the FY2019 budget request also includes:

  • An additional $45,000  increase of funds to reimburse public libraries for broadband costs not reimbursed through federal e-rate funds


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Idaho Library Association support the Idaho Commission for Libraries’ budget request for state fiscal year 2019.


Awesome 2017 Annual Conference

Congratulations to the President, Board, Conference Planning Committee on a conference well done. Great sessions, speakers and networking opportunities.  Lots of Leadership and mentoring observed throughout.  Way to build Community!

A Message from the ILA President

Hello everyone: 


I have a few conference notes I want to share with you all:


  • Gratitude: This week is our annual conference. I hope to see you there! Lacey Welt led an incredible team to present a wonderful conference plan. Please join me in thanking Lacey! She is a great leader. 
  • Are you new to ILA? If you are new to the conference, be aware that it can be overwhelming. I will be hosting an introduction session for those of you who haven't attended before. This will be held Thursday at 10am in the Aspen room. 
  • Your Board Meeting: Everyone is welcome to attend the board meeting. This takes place Wednesday October 4, 5-6:30pm. Our agenda draft is below. Join us!
  • · Approve minutes (Beverly)
  • · Active business: transition to a new board (Amy)
  • · Determine legislative and board priorities (John T)
  • · Report out on how legislative visits went (John W.?)
  • · Call for budget requests (Jane)
    • o Include travel to and from 2018 conference in Moscow for award winners
    • o VP include regional conferences + project income
    • o Conference committee members & board members & reimbursement
  • · Conference report (Lacey or designee)
  • · Website onboarding (Erin)
  • · ILA Mission and Vision Update (Amy)
  • · Multiview (?)
  • · 501c3 (Amy)


Amy Vecchione


Adult Summer Reading Sees 1500% Participation Increase!

Like many public librarians, our team has struggled to boost attendance at adult programsover the last few years. We play the guessing game – offering classes and programs that ourpatrons say they want, even bringing in guest presenters – and often have only 2-5 people in attendance. Sometimes not even that many. But still, we press on.


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