Meeting Minutes 05-10-2017

Meeting Minutes 05-10-2017


Meeting Minutes May 10, 2017 11:00 am mountain time/ 10:00 am pacific time

                Call to order--Amy called the meeting to order at 11:05.  Present were Amy Vecchione, Board President; Erin Downey, Vice Chair; Beverly Richmond, Secretary; Kristi Haman, Past President; Becky Proctor, Membership; Jennifer Bowman, Ellie Epperson, Ben Hunter, Kiersten Kerr, Beth Canzoneri, Beth Swenson, Molly Montgomery, and Ryan Randall.

                Approval of Meeting Minutes of April 11, 2017-- Ben moved that the April 11, 2017 meeting minutes be approved. Erin seconded. Motion passed.

New Business---

  • o ACRL Idaho conference (Molly) Purpose: Board helps with planning and sharing about the ACRL unconference coming up--  Molly also wondered if the seed money from the unconference went back to ILA . There was some discussion.  Erin stated that she would make sure registration was on Nationbuilder. Kristi moved that the unconference be considered a regional conference in future years with seed funding from ILA . Erin seconded. Motion passed.
  • o Finances update (Trisha) Purpose: Board understands how we are doing financially --Trisha was not available for this meeting as a result there was not an update on finances.
  • o Membership update (Becky) Purpose: Board understands if we need to do more membership recruitment--Erin stated that we currently have 247 members and that the goal is 300. There was some discussion about people who have attended conferences in the past that aren't attending, the pricing structure, that there is a downward trend in people attending. Kristi commented that there should be a third tier in the pricing structure. Amy would like our reserve fund to increase.
  • o Legislative update NLLD --Ann Joslin has met with Senator Labador, Senator Crapo and Senator Simpson which were all positive. Senator Riesch was not available.
  • o Legislative update meeting with Crapo's office (Amy) Purpose: Invitation to attend, and shared understanding about this meeting--Amy stated that the meeting with Senator Crapo went well. He seemed very interested. Mike Simpson is interested in touring libraries in August. Amy stated Senator Crapo was very interested in all the things happening at Meridian Library District and the State of Idaho Libraries.  Amy also stated the Omnibus bill passed for the year 2018 but funding is still questionable for 2019. Please continue to advocate with your representatives.
  • o State of ALA (Ben) Purpose: understand how ALA and IMLS advocacy efforts are going--Ben stated the that the ALA is very cautiously optimistic about the futures of IMLS funding. ALA remains in the forefront of advocacy. Your name can make a difference. Ben stated that Emily Shekotoff is retiring and funding for her replacement is an issue. Keith Michael Fields is also retiring and ALA may be moving in a new and exciting directions. Ben stated that Jim Neal is the New President and he is very optimistic about the fututre of ALA.  Ben stated that President Jim Neal is excited about better utilizing chapters to forward ALA goals.
  • o Recruitment for board positions (Kristi) Purpose: understand every position we are recruiting for--There was discussion from Kristi about the board positions and what positions that are going to be on the ballot in June.
  • o Bylaw Voting & Position Voting Plan--Amy stated that there is a little more work that needs to be done and the third tier needs to be added.  There will be a vote on the 18th of May.
  • How is the content coordinator decided? Is it a voting position and how often are they elected?
  • President and Vice President are elected in opposite years.  These should be restructured to a 2 year term.


Adjournment--The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am. Next meeting to be determined at a later date.

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