meeting minutes 04/11/2017

meeting minutes 04/11/2017



Meeting Minutes  April 11, 2017 11:00 am mountain/10:00am pacific


Call to Order: Amy called the meeting to order at 11:00am. Present were Amy, board Chair; Beverly, secretary, Kristi, past president; Erin, vice-chair, Trisha, treasurer; Julie, Jeannie, Jennifer, Ben, Beth, Marina Rose, Ann Joslin and Jessica. Absent were Becky, Audra, Kiersten and Ryan.




New Business:  Nation Builder--Erin stated that Nation Builder the new website for ILA was up and running. She encouraged everyone to take a look at it.

Nation Builder has the ability to host (10) public sites and unlimited administration sites. Erin talked us through logging in using an email address. Erin will check into how to do it on a smart phone. Erin stated that the suggestion page is a public profile that uses a social media platform and that on-boarding will happen next year. ILA members were given monthly assignments for the new website. They were: Jessica will check into how the blog works and how to keep it constant, Molly engagement, Jeff--maker pages, Ann/Amy IMLS updates, Jeannie-ESSA, Kristi-LibIdaho.


Jeff asked about Committee pages and place holders for the different committees.


Jeannie---ESSA-- Jeannie stated the committee members are Erin, Amy, Jeannie, Julie and Carol. The Idaho State Plan has a deadline of Sept. 18, 2017.  May 12, 2017 is the deadline for draft (4) to be reviewed and submitted. Idaho is moving forward with this.


Legislative-- Amy reported that that is done for the moment.


Annual Conference--Kristi reported that elections are coming up. There are open positions available.


Trisha--Trisha reported that money issues still exist with Pay Pal.


Election Prep--Amy discussed the 2 year term results from the survey.


Meeting Adjourned at 11:55


Next Meeting--May 10, 2017 at 11:00 am mountain/10:00 am pacific

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