meetining minutes 02/06/2017

meetining minutes 02/06/2017


Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2017



Call to Order: Amy Vecchione called the meeting to order at 835 am.  Those present were Amy Vecchione, ILA board chair; Erin Downey, vice chair; Ann Joslin, State Librarian, Audra Green, Kristi Haman, Ryan Randall, Becky Proctor, Molly Montgomery, Julie Hatcher, Ellie Epperson, Marina Rose, Jennifer Hntzen, Jeannie Stadahl, and joining online were Ben Hunter and Beverly Richmond, Secretary.

Approval of meeting minutes:  Jeannie moved that the meeting minutes of December 10, 2016 be approved with the corrections. Erin seconded. Motion passed.

New Business:

Strategic Priorities:  Ann Joslin described the background and rationale behind the IcFL Strategic Priorities  document. The link to the document is:

There was discussion and Amy said that ILA can choose to focus on this. Erin suggested that working with LilAC to partner with staff development and leadership is an option.


Becky reported that membership is currently at 381 although some of last year's members have yet to renew. It was discussed that we use membership software t o track this. Erin reported that she has researched this and likes Nation Builder. The cost would be approximately $1500.00 a year. Nation Builder is easier to use than what ILA is currently using. Ann moved that the Board use Nation Builder. Audra seconded. Motion passed.

Lobby day

John Watts and Gregg Casey were on hand from Veritas  to discuss upcoming Lobby Day. It was discussed that we rename Lobby Day to Captiol Day in the hopes of encouraging more librarians and board members as well. Amy moved that we rename Lobby Day to Capitol Day, Kristi seconded and Motion passed.  John recommended that we work from a strategic prospective and create our own policies. Ann stated that the legislators may need to know how libraries collaborate across the state with services and the community. There was much discussion on how we should proceed. There was discussion on what would be happening on February 7th at the Capitol. Amy , Erin and Audra will be addressing information to the legislators. Anyone who wishes to attend is encouraged to do so.

Library Conference Annual Budget:


There was discussion about the upcoming Annual Conference. Audra asked if there were caps on anything? Amy replied that the Conference Committee has to go through the Board to get the Conference Budget approved.  It was decided that the Early Bird registration will be up until the end of August. Facilities cost will be waived.  Becky moved that the conference budget be approved. Jeanie seconded and motion passed.


Travel Forms:

Trisha reported that she has received and processed all the travel reimbursement forms that she has. If you have not received reimbursement you need to get your forms to her. Trisha also stated that she is working on creating a new form that is more user friendly.


Kristi and Amy discussed how to change the election terms and how we should promote the elections across the state. There was discussion about timing and who should handle this. It was discussed about length of  office and how term time limits need to change for some of the positions.

Voting Members

It was stated that both the Legislative Chair Position and the Student Rep Position are now voting members of the board.

Adjournment:  It was moved that the meeting be adjourned at 3:30 pm ?????

Next meeting : March 7,2017 at 11:00 am mountain time, 10:00 am Pacific

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