meeting minute 03/20/2017

meeting minute 03/20/2017


ILA Meeting Minutes

March 20,2017


Call to Order: Amy called the meeting to order at 1:03 pm mountain/12:03pacific time. Present were Amy Vecchione, Board President; Kristi Haman, Past President; Erin Downey, Vice-President; Beverly Richmond, Secretary; Jessica, Ben Hunter, Molly Montgomery, Ann Joslin, Marina, Kiersten, and Becky Proctor.


Approval of meeting minutes:  Approval of meeting minutes of March 7, 2017 (????) I am not sure that this was done because this meeting was called at the last minute.


New Business: 

Contacting your members of congress, membership and/or LibIdaho:  There was discussion of the recent events that the President wants reduce the funding of Museum and Library Science Institutes. Ann stated that the LSTA funding for the 2017 fiscal year is approximately 73% of what it was in the past. Amy stated that Andy was willing to give the ILA board access and help on Cap Wiz.  Jessica asked if there was an itemized list of the programs and services that could be affected by the potential budget cuts. Ann expressed the need for everyone to have a effective way to contact members of congress whether it was via postcard, email or even snail mail about the impact to libraries.

Amy discussed the draft letter that she had complied and some changes were made. It was discussed that the examples be able to tie directly to the funding and the impact that the loss of the funding could potentially have. Amy will draft a new version and send it out to the board.

Amy stressed that it was important to be aware of these ongoing issues with our advocacy platforms  and the need to stay informed on all of the updates.

Amy stated that Engage is still not set up and running yet.

Ann is also working on a draft letter that can be sent to members of congress and the membership showing the impact of loss of funding and how it will affect many programs in Idaho.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:48 pm mountain time.

Next meeting: April 11,2017 @11:00 am mountain time.

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