ILA Meeting Minutes March 7, 2018

ILA Meeting Minutes March 7, 2018


Idaho Library Association

March Full Board Meeting

March 7, 2018 11am MT


Amy called the meeting to order at: 11:05 pm

   Those present were: Tiffani Young, Emily Sitz, John Thill, Jeannie Standal, Ann Joslin, Ellie Epperson, Marina Rose, Ben Hunter, Erin Downey, Bruce Godfrey, Rami Attebury, Beverly McKay, Amy Vecchione, Kate Lovan, Stephanie Bailey-White, Beth Swenson, Kiersten Kerr, Rosemay Yocum and Beverly Richmond, absent were Jane Clapp and Jessica Bowman.



  • Approve February 5, 2018 meeting minutes. Rosemary moved to approve the Febrauary 5, 2018 meeting minutes. Jeannie seconded. Motion passed. Ben Hunter abstained.


  • Additions to the agenda - Amy asked for additions. Ann Joslin stated that the 19th Amendment 100-year celebration is in 2020. Representative Bell would like the whole state to participate in this event.


  • Kudos to those testifying on HB619 - John Thill updated everyone on House Bill 619 that died in committee due largely to public libraries testifying before the committee. Ann Joslin stated that John Watts and John Thill were very involved in helping to make sure that this bill did not make it to the house and senate floor. Kate Lovan stated "there is more work to be done" she is meeting with Brent Crane and John Watts to follow-up on what steps need to be done next. She will let us know how we can help.


  • HB639 - John Thill stated that HB639 is the Bond Measure that has died on the committee floor. He questioned whether the ILA stance letter had been sent out yet. Amy asked for clarification as to whether letters where being sent out without full board knowledge. Kate Lovan will work on this and post a document to the google website. Rosemary moved that the ILA stance be an opposition to this with clarification . Jeannie seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


  • Trustee Proposal - Rosemary and Emily Sitz have put together a Trustee Advocacy Campaign. Some of the highlights included added membership to ILA by Trustees, this campaign will cost little if anything, and this will help trustee be more informed about what is going on in their libraries and libraries around the state. Rosemary moved that the board approve the Trustee Advocacy Campaign. John seconded. Motion passed. This campaign is set to launch National Library week in April.



  • IMLS budget - Feb. 12 and action items--- Amy stated that the Fiscal Year 2019 IMLS budge is a 2.8 million dollar reduction from that of previous years. Ann Joslin stated that the Fiscal year 2018 budget is expected to be at level funding and the deadline is March 19,2018 for approval.


  • Status of nominating committee - Erin Downey stated that she will be sending out emails with updates on the nominating committee for new board members. .


  • Regional conferences - Erin Downey will be sending out and email on the regional conference with cost updates in the near future.


  • Institutional Memberships: feedback and ideas--Stephanie Bailey-White stated that there is currently no category for institutional membership and wondered "should we have a full category" for institutional members. Ben Hunter stated that this was a problem in years past as large portion of membership fees went to the lobbyist fees creating a tax problem. Rosemary asked if there are any current guidelines for this. Stephanie asked if there were any guidelines for the amount to charge members. Erin questioned whether this would create a conflict if ILA does become a 501 (c) 3. Ben stated that some institutions do not provide individual memberships which could be a conflict. Rosemary moved that we consider institutional membership at a later date. Kate seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


  • Why move to 501(c)3 - Rosemary stated that some of the reasons for moving to a 501 (c) 3 are: Tax exemptions for businesses, reduction in perceived conflict of interest and conflict of commitment, reduced rates for conference contracts (if you recall the Boise State contract issues we encountered), tax deductible contributions, exemption from federal tax and reduced postal rates. There was discussion about how this could create more money coming in for ILA. Ann stated that she had concerns about the Lobbyist being a direct Lobbyist. Ann stated she had heard from some Public Library directors and there were as definite concerns from many of them about the possibility of not being able to have a lobbyist if the organization moves to a 501 (c) 3. Rosemary moved that a vote to move to a 501 (c) 3 be conducted via email. Ben seconded. Motion passed. The email vote results are as follows.


10 ayes 0 nays 4 abstains - the motion passes and ILA will move to 501c3.


President: Aye

Vice President: 



Membership Chair: 

Legislative Chair: Aye

State Librarian: Aye

PNLA Rep: Aye

ALA Chapter Councilor: Aye

Student Rep: Aye

Academic and Special Chair: Aye

School Library Chair: Aye

Public Library Chair: Aye

Trustee and Friends Chair: Aye


Items tabled to the April 4, 2018 meeting are:

  • Follow-up on conclusion of grassroots lobbying--Erin Kennedy
  • Financial Policies--Amy
  • Solicitation of board member feedback regarding lobbyist, advocacy, direct lobbying and grassroots lobbying.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm. Next meeting is April 4, 2018 @11:00 am via phone or zoom.

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