ILA Meeting Minutes 08 22 2018

ILA Meeting Minutes 08 22 2018

Meeting August 22, 2018

 Present were: Amy Vecchione; Board President, Erin Downey; Vice President, Beverly Richmond; Secretary, Jane Clapp; Treasurer, Ann Joslin; State Librarian, Jeannie Sandal , Ellie Epperson , Marina Rose, Stephanie Bailey-White, Jennifer Henzten, Rosemary Yocum, Bruce Godfrey, Ben Hunter, John Thill, Jennifer Redford, Rami Attebury and Kiersten  Kerr.

Amy called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon


  1. Approval of May 2, 2018 minutes: Rosemay Yocum moved that the May 2, 2018 meeting minutes be approved. Jennifer Henzten seconded the motion. Motion passed. Amy Vecchione abstained.
  2. Board preconference at ILA in October:   There was discussion about travel reimbursement policies. Jane will forward that to everyone. Amy discussed that the  Board preconference meeting is on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 beginning at 1:00 pm. It is scheduled to last until 4:00 pm.
  3. 501c3 update: Amy stated that the previous law office that ILA was working with had folded. Amy is diligently
  4. Task force update -- Legislative-- John Thill stated that all of the Legislator visits for the coming session should have a representative from Public Libraries/ State Librarian/ President/Vice President from ILA. The focus for ILA for this legislative session should be the following items:
  1. Meet with you legislators prior to the beginning of legislative session.
  2. Form a Rapid Response Team who will be willing to testify at the Capitol on short notice.

John stated that John Watts believes that focus for libraries in this legislative session will be in the following areas:

  1. Wireless filtering--what steps need to be addressed more formally.
  2. Taxing district funds/bonds how and when bonds can be run and how the money can be spent or allocated.
  3. Support of ICfL supplemental budget in the following areas:
  • Move Talking Book funds from federally funded to state funded.
  • Provide money to support ICfL and kindergarten readiness
  • Provide help with non-rate broadband expenses to public libraries.


Lastly John  Thill stated that finding legislators to  attend the conference in Moscow has been a challenge. It was requested that he reach out to Paulette Jordan who is running for governor.

Board Restructing -- Task Force Amy stated that the task force has come up with the following recommendations or areas to target:

  • Communication between board members is an issue
  • Focus on ILA thriving versus just maintaining
  • Using digital communication is difficulty
  • Board Member expectations
  • Outward focus-- Amy would like two people to attend the Hardwood Institute Conference.

Stephanie commented that onboarding or training for all new board members is very important. It is very important for board members to understand who communicates what to whom. This will be an agenda item at the preconfernce.

  1. Conference update (2018)--Kiersten stated that the conference has 90 people registered to attend so far. Some areas of concern are:
  1. Confusion about member pricing, are we trusting that this is being done correctly or do we have non-members paying incorrectly.

 Ben stated that all of the programs have been set, Jim Neal is a great speaker and is looking forward to attending.  Ben also stated the weather is great in Moscow. 

  1. Conference update (2019)--Amy stated that the theme for the 2019 conference has been decided, it is REAL. "Relivant, Engaging, Accessible, Libraries"
  2. ILA advocacy toolkit (Erin K.)--Erin Kennedy has sent out a draft to everyone, please respond by September 1, 2018.
  3. Elections for 2018-2019--Erin Downey stated that there has been an open call for nominations for the vacant positions.
  4. Who remains on the board 2018 - 2019 Beverly has sent out an updated list for all of the executive board position that will be vacant or with new members stepping into new roles.


Meeting adjourned at  1:10 pm.

Next meeting: ILA preconference Oct 2, 2018 @1:00 pm

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