Idaho Library Association Meeting Minutes 04 04 2018

Idaho Library Association Meeting Minutes 04 04 2018

Idaho Library Association

April Full Board Meeting

April 4, 2018 11am MT



Amy call the meeting to order at 11:05 am


            Those present were Amy Vecchione, Beverly Richmond,  Tiffani Young, Erin Downey, Jessica Bowman, Stephanie Bailey-White, Ann  Joslin, Rosemary Yocum, Ben Hunter, Kate Lovan, Rami Attebury, Jane Clapp, Jeannie Standal, Ellie Epperson, Marina Rose, and Erin Kennedy. Absent were Beverly McKay, Kiersten Kerr and John Thill.




  • Approve March7, 2018 meeting minutes. Ann Joslin noted one correction. Rosemary moved that the March 7, 2018 meeting minutes be approved with corrections. Kate seconded. Motion passed.


   Consent Agenda-- Payment of Lee Rainie since our last meeting--  Kate moved that the board approve the $200.00 expense for Lee Rainey out of the general budget funds and the additional amount of $62.00 to come out Intellectual Freedom fund.  Rosemary seconded the motion. Motion passes.

  • Updates -

 Inform Board -

Post email votes on site -  Amy discussed with the board the need for email votes and how email votes should be handled in between meeting. Erin stated that creating a google drive folder to house all the information is doable.  There was further discussion about the transparency and the need for it to be a formal way of recapping what goes on during meeting and between meetings. 


Post minutes to members - Amy discussed the need to post minutes to member only and that they are available on the website and in google drive for the executive board as well.  There was discussion about the need to be transparent for all the members and having the meeting minutes reflect the meetings accurately is very important.


Legislative stance on censorship - Marina discussed the email that was sent out to everyone regarding the Legislative stance on censorship ILA supports the right to access information including but not limited to legal information Rosemary moved to support the ILA stance against internet filtering. Kate seconded. Motion passed.   

Did ALA membership, PO Box, and Cathy Gray all get finances set up and/or

checks go out? - Amy questioned whether or not the ALA memberships had gone out. Jane stated that they had not.  Discussion followed about the need to develop a better way to capture budget items that were not included in the yearly budget before they occur. Stephanie Bailey-White moved that $150.00 be spent for the ALA memberships. Kate seconded.  Motion passes.



  • Vote Required for Board Approval - Constitution, Articles of Incorporation, IRS, &

501c3 -  Amy provided the board with two attachments, they were a 501c3 fact sheet and a 501c3 transition process breakdown for everyone to review. Discussion followed.


Final proposed Articles of Incorporation - Amy provided the final proposed Articles of Incorporation which will change the board to a 501c3. Discussion followed. There was discussion about Article VI--which states in part  that "No substantial part of the activities of the Association shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation".  Rosemary moved that Amended Constitution and final articles of incorporation be approved. Stephanie Bailey-White seconded the motion. Motion unanimously passed.


Agenda items tabled until the next meeting due to time constraints:

○ Status of nominating committee - Erin D.

○ Regional conferences - Erin D.

○ Institutional Memberships: feedback and ideas - Stephanie

○ Follow up from conclusion of grassroots lobbying - Erin K.

  • Establish Financial Policies - Jane



  • Creation of two Ad-Hoc committees-- Amy requested that two Ad Hoc committees consisting of 3-4 members each be formed. The two committees are:
  • Legislative priority committee
  • Restructure Committee


  Legislative priority committee --Kate, John, Erin and Stephanie volunteered.

  Restructure  Committee-- Kate, Ben, Jane and Erin volunteered.


Ellie Epperson wanted to let everyone know that Marina is graduating and will be stepping down from her position here on the ILA board.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 pm. The next meeting is April 20, 2018 at 11:00 am mountain time via zoom of phone.

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