Idaho Library Association Meeting Minutes 01 03 2018

Idaho Library Association Meeting Minutes 01 03 2018

Jan. 3, 2018

Online  Meeting

11am MT/10am PT

2 hour meeting


Topic/ Agenda


  1. Roll call - Amy called the meeting to order at 10:05 am. Present were Amy Vecchione, Beverly Richmond, Erin Downey, Beverly McKay, Ann Joslin, Marina Rose  Jessica Bowman,  Rami Attebury, Beth Swenson, John Thill, Stephanie Bailey-White,  Ben Hunter, Jeannie Standahl, Tiffani Young, Kate Lovan, and Kiersten Kerr. Absent were Jane Clapp and Jennifer Redford.


  1. Approve November minutes - Beverly requested that if anyone had changes/corrections to the November 2017 meeting minutes please send them to her. Stephanie Bailey White moved that the November meeting minutes be approved with corrections and additions.  Ben seconded. Motion passed.


  1. Approve December minutes - Beverly stated that the December meeting minutes were previously sent out to everyone. Ann Joslin stated that she found one correction in item 7  "it should state that the legislative session begins in January not February.  Ann moved that the December meeting minutes be approved with this correction.  Ben seconded. Motion passed.


  1. Additions to the agenda - Amy asked if there were any additions to the agenda.


  1. Prepare and decide on legislative agenda - John Thill stated that he had met with John Watts a few weeks ago. He stated at present there are two items that the legislators will be asked to approve in the coming weeks. They are:
  2. ICfL funding request  for Talking Books funding to be moved from the state level to ICfL  and Broadband reimbursements for Public Libraries.
  3. A Proclamation creating a day of recognition for Boundary County as best Small/ Rural Library of the year.

                Discussion followed about how to reach out to legislators and the ability to bring more awareness to each of them about what is really going on in libraries across the state. Stephanie Bailey- White  stated that the Braille Celebrations that were happening in Burley is a great way to show the importance of the Talking Books and how we reach many patrons across the state.  

Amy stated that she had met with Roger Brown and he is willing to work with ILA to teach us how to advocate differently , he will also advise us on when to send advocating letters to our representatives and  who to send them to. He is willing to help ILA with a new approach so that we may better serve the libraries in Idaho.

                John Thill also stated that the Proclamation for Bounday County Day--is in draft form and that it has been sent to Representative  Sage Dixon and Senator Shawn Keough.  


  1. CSLP Teen Video Challenge - Jeannie wanted to let everyone know that ILA  is sponsoring  this year's  Teen Video Challenge"  and that it will be launching shortly  and is hoping to reach more parts of the state. Jeannie stated that the winner will receive $100.00 and the public library that the winner represents will receive $50.00.


  1. Libraries and early literacy  - Stephanie  wanted to let the group know about SmartyAnts--a Foundation for literacy for children ages up to 4 years old and all the resources that will be available when it launches. As yet there is no launch date set. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Save the date - Amy wanted to let everyone know about some dates that were coming up in the near future. Lee Rainey will be speaking about "Fake  News on April 2, 2018 at  Boise State  and on April 3, 2018 for 6:00-9:00 pm at the Boise Public Library.


 (Erin Downey, Bev McKay, Ann Joslin, Amy Vecchione - anyone else?)- Amy stated that there is training available for Nonprofit Center basics on January 11, 2018 @10:00 am. Erin, Beverly, Ann and Amy are planning on attended and wondered if anyone else is interested? The cost is $120.00 per person to attend.  This cost covers only the attendance few and nothing else. Stephanie Bailey- White stated she would also like to attemd. John moved that ILA pay for between 5-7 board members to attend and cover the cost up to $200.00 per person. Erin seconded the motion. Motion passed.


  1. Current budget status -  Amy stated that  Jane C. was absent today, however she is hoping to have a consolidated budget out to the board via email later in the week.


  1. Conference report and update - Ben stated that there really wasn't any updates today. There will be a call for presentation that will be due in March. He also stated that Pre-Conference proposals will go out soon.


  1. Confirm 2019 Conference Site Selection - Amy stated that this will happen at the February meeting. She did also state that the site for the 2019 conference has been chosen. It will be at the Nampa Convention Center in Nampa.


  1. President updates: Election recruitment, advocacy efforts beyond legislative lobbying - Amy reminded everyone to reach out to people to see if they are interested in being part the ILA board.


  1. For next time - request from Irene Gonzales, SBA --Amy stated that Irene Gonzales would like to attend our next board meeting to discuss ways to partner together. Amy and John both stated that she is great to work with. Amy will reach out and invite her to our February Meeting.


Adjournment:  Marina motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Erin seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Next Meeting:   February 5, 2018 at Boise Public Library, Marion Bingham Room @ 10:00 am. Lunch to be provided by Deli George.

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