HB 619

HB 619

On Friday, March 2, 2018. HB 619  was in House Senate Affairs Committee to move on the the floor of the house and senate. This bill was for library wireless filtering . After over an hour of testimony, this bill failed to progress through the house, and also failed to retain it in committee for additional work. The following public library directors from across the state testified:

                                          John Thill, Legislative Chair for the ILA and Public Services Manage of Meridian Library District

                                          Janna Streibel --Director of Marsing Library

                                          LeAnn Gelsky--Director of Hailey Public Library

                                          Kate Lovan--Director of Middleton Public Library

                                          Cindy Erickson--Director of Soda Springs Public Library

                                          Tammy Gray--Director of Grandview Public Library

                                           Mary DeWalt--Director of Ada Community  Library

                                            Ann Joslin--State Librarian

                                            Bette Ammon-- Director--Couer d'Alene Public Library

                                            John Watts--Lobbyist on behalf of libraies

  Also present as the cheerleading section were Dylan Baker from ICfL and Beverly Richmond, Director from Priest Lake Public Library. This was a huge success because of all of the people who work so hard in libraries.


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