December 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes December 6, 2017

 Meeting  was called to order at 10;05 am.  Those in attendance were: Amy Vecchione, Erin Downey, Beverly Richmond, Ann Joslin, Ben Hunter, Beth Swensen, Bruce Godfrey, Jane Clapp, Jennifer Redford, Jeannie Standal, Kiersten Kerr, Marina Rose, Rami Attebury, Stephanie Bailey-White, Tiffanie Young, Rosemary Yocum, Beverly McKay, and Kate Lovin.



  1. Approve November minutes-- There was discussion about the November meeting minutes and additional information will be added and this will be on next month's agenda for finalization.
  2. Plan for Feb. in person meeting - Call to plan for Boise meeting - Amy discussed the February 5, 2018 meeting. Lunch will be provided and travel for executive board member is included. There was discussion on what ILA covers and it was decided for executive members it covers travel to non conference meetings and lodging to attend the meeting. For non executive board members travel and lodging are not covered. Amy also reminded everyone to get their budget reimbursement request to Jane before December 15, 2017.
  3. Financial Status: Taxes, state of finances, call for budgets, budget plan - Jane stated that the taxes have been filled. The expenditures for the annual conference was approximately $42,000.00 and the remaining balance is $6,147.44.  Jane asked if anyone could identify Chris Murphy who is listed on the bank accounts. Rami questioned Jane about travel if more than one person is driving, how that works.  Jane reminded everyone to include all projected expenses in their budget requests.
  4. Membership updates - Beverly McKay stated that there are 11 new members and the responses have been slow. She reminded everyone "The more words we get out there the better off we are".
  5. 2018 Conference: Update  Ben Hunter stated that the committee met a few weeks ago and things are progressing. The venue change was needed because of a conflict, however the Best Western  contract has been signed. The theme is "Libraries Rock".  Ben mentioned that for those working on their budget reimbursements the cost is $119.00 a night.
  6. 2019 Conference: Update  Beth & Joan-- this item was moved to next month.
  7. ICfL Budgetary Process:  Ann Joslin  discussed the state budgeting process, Ann  provided 3 slides that break down the budgeting process and important dates and how they affect the legislative session that will be starting in February.  Amy will provide a "cheat sheet" on how to contact your legislators and specifically how to advocate for libraries.
  8. Day at the Capitol in February - This item was moved to next month's agenda.
  9. Update on Advocacy plans, and working with Every Library - This item was moved to next month's agenda, but Amy reiterated the importance of Advocacy and outreach that is needed across the state to lobby for libraries.


Adjournment --Rosemary Yocum moved that the meeting be adjourned at 12:05 pm. Stephanie Bailey-White seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Next Meeting  January 3, 2018 @ 11:00 am

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  • Beverly Richmond
    commented 2018-01-03 14:26:57 -0700
    Meeting minutes approved with minor correction under item 7, it should read legislative sessions start in January.
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