Idaho Library Association Proposed Bylaw Changes Pass with Quorum

Idaho Library Association Proposed Bylaw Changes Pass with Quorum

During the month of May 2017 the Idaho Library Association membership voted on several bylaw changes. All proposed bylaw changes passed and achieved quorum.

To view the summary and comments about the proposed changes to the bylaws, please visit this Google Drive document. 

  • The proposal to modify the Vice President and President positions into two distinct roles passed passes with 87.5% of the voting membership
  • The proposal to establish elections operated by the Secretary, Membership Chair, and Division Chairs passes with 95.8% of the voting membership
  • Creation of a new position of Content Coordinator position, separate from the Webmaster, passes with 97.9% of the voting membership
  • Wording changes passed with 100% of the vote

The current bylaws of the Idaho Library Association are now available for you to view. 

The Board will now create a working group to determine an implementation team for the transition, and we seek volunteers to help. If you want to spend a short amount of time working on a special projects, please get in touch.


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