Wireless Filtering Bill HB 619 Dies in Committee

Wireless Filtering Bill HB 619 Dies in Committee

This morning the Idaho House State Affairs Committee heard proposed bill HB 619.  The bill would have mandated that all Idaho libraries filter their wireless connections without any funding to match the mandate. Representatives of ILA, and library directors from across the state opposed the bill on budgetary, local control, and intellectual freedom grounds. 

The committee was visibly impacted by the stories of rural library directors who testified against the bill as well as emails describing the impacts this bill would have on small libraries. 

After over an hour and a half of testimony Vice Chair Monks called a voice vote on two competing motions. One, to move the bill on to the floor for full vote by the house and as second motion to hold the bill in committee. 

The first vote to send the bill to the floor failed with a tied vote. The second motion, put forward by Christy Zito (District 23, Hammett) and seconded by Vito Barbieri (District 2, Dalton Gardens) also ended in a tied vote.  The stalemate means the bill is currently dead in committee and will not move on to the floor of the House.

We could not have reached this good result if not for the support, dedication and, especially, testimony and emails of our library directors and workers from across the state. Thank you!

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